The PMIP Interglacials Working Group (WG)

We welcome you to the website of the Paleoclimate Model Intercomparison Project (PMIP) WG Interglacials. On the pages of this site you will find various sources of information that describe our simulation portfolio, outline the plans towards the next model-intercomparison, and present the scientific output of the WG.

The PMIP WG Interglacials plans to take part in global stocktaking of climate model simulations towards supporting drafting the next Assessment Report AR7 that is due towards the end of this decade. We are currently compiling the design of the next iteration of the model-intercomparison for interglacial climates. This process shall involve the scientific community. We are interested in your input and in your opinions. Have you been part in previous interations of PMIP? During PMIP4 or earlier iterations of the intercomparison? As a producer or as a user of model output? With a focus on climate modelling or dedication to proxy data analyses? Would you like to become involved in the next iteration of PMIP? If you are willing to share your ideas with us, then please consider our call for involvement.

In case you would like to get involved or have suggestions regarding our work, drop an email to Louise Sime or Christian Stepanek.