Ideas and suggestions for discussion

We are currently drafting a proposal for interglacial simulations that shall be included in the next round of PMIP. Below you find two sets of information: a list of simulations that we have on our agenda as possible contributions of the interglacials WG to PMIP; a list of questions to the community. The list of simulations is not final, please contact us if you feel that an important aspect is missing from this list.

Possible simulation portfolio

  • interglacial time-slices simulations

    p6k/pp9k/pp127k/ppMIS11/ppMIS31br /


  • interglacial sensitivity (time-slice) studies that explore

    pgreenhouse gases/pporbital configuration/ppmeltwater/ppIce sheet configuration/ppvegetation/ppbathymetric / RSL/pptransient sensitivity simulations (potentially in collaboration with PMIP past2k WG)br /