PMIP Interglacial simulations

A successful model-intercomparison depends on a number of preconditions. First, the modelling protocol must be designed in a way that it enables identification of model-model- and model-data agreement and disagreement by reducing other sources for climate anomalies as much as possible. Towards allowing us to derive interesting and relevant results, the simulation and data portfolio must be extensive and complex enough so that different drivers of climate can be traced in the models. On the other hand, the number of simulations, and the amount of modifications that must be applied to models' standard modern boundary conditions must be limited towards maximizing the number of modelling groups taking part in the model-intercomparison.

We are trying to balance these demands as far as practically possible. Much of this task is still work in progress. Once finalized, on these pages you will be able to read more about the simulations that we propose, find details on the spinup procedure that is suggested towards creating the simulations, find a list of models and modelling groups that plan to take part in the model-intercomparison, and inform yourself on the list of model output that will be made available towards conducting research based on the PMIP interglacial simulations.